The rope factory’s website

Cuerdas Valero has a rope factory in the Romica Industrial Estate for the production and packaging of its rope products. Only professional people work for us in order to market high quality products, made with the best raw materials on the market and with a better final price.


In our facilities in the Campollano Business Park you can find, in addition to the widest variety of cordage you may need, other items such as mooring systems, elastic octopus of various sizes, blind bands with a wide variety of colours, fishing line threads, polypropylene tapes for the manufacture of straps and handles for backpacks… as well as all the advice that the customer needs about our products.


Our values

Variety in ropes

You will find our wide range of twisted and braided ropes available in all millimetres and lengths.

Large stock

We have a large stock which allows us to give our customers a fast, agile and reliable response to their needs.

Top quality products

The raw materials used in our rope factory for the production of all our products are always of the highest quality.

Environmentally friendly

Our company is environmentally conscious and all our packaging is recyclable.

Contact with us

If you are interested in purchasing any type of rope in any colour or thickness, please contact us.