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* “Within our wide range of products we want to highlight the elastic ropes, manufactured with the best materials such as high tenacity polyester (on the outside), a synthetic material well known for its high resistance to friction and traction of mechanical forces, chemicals and environmental humidity.

Our elastic ropes also have natural latex multifilaments (on the inside) that provide great elasticity to the rope, which is why it is recommended for use in all types of industrial activities where a good working tension is needed, such as in the placement of tarpaulins and advertising banners that have to be outdoors, swimming pool covers and truck tarpaulins that need great stability. These same ropes are the ones we use to manufacture our bungee cords, which we can make to order with special measurements and even provide the customer with the hooks at the loose ends to be able to cut to size in the establishment itself, according to the needs that they request.

The use of our elastic ropes covers a multitude of sectors. Within the agricultural and livestock world they also find their place, as they are widely used for fastening (never fixing as it is an elastic product) tarpaulins on trailers, agricultural machinery and greenhouses”.