Hemps Ropes

Hemps Ropes

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  • Hemp longline

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  • Hemp tape dispenser

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  • Hemp tow

  • Hemps ropes 4 srands

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  • Polished twine

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  • Saddlery thread


* “Today there are a multitude of materials on the market, but natural fibres have always been present in our daily lives, as have ropes.

Ropes have been, and still are, essential in the basic activity of mankind. They have been present since prehistoric times to help us in any daily activity.

Hemp ropes come from the Cannabis family but in its industrial form to obtain raw materials, such as fibres and cellulose. Its durability and weather resistance is far superior to any other natural fibre.

Hemp ropes are biodegradable and non-toxic, making them environmentally friendly, so important nowadays.

Within our range of hemp ropes you will find a great variety of formats, from fine yarns (twines and saddlers), long lines (ropes with a great twist and hardness) to thick ropes of 4 strands for an infinite number of uses. Industry, agriculture, labelling, decoration, handicrafts, children’s games, sport… a wide range of possibilities to use hemp ropes”.