Hemps ropes 4 srands

Hemps ropes 4 srands

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Hemp rope twisted to 4 strands without core, is a flexible natural fibre obtained from the hemp plant. This type of hemp rope is suitable for use in rustic decoration, handicrafts, drums, construction, sports, delimitation of areas, animals… completely biodegradable.

It is a soft fibre to the touch but with a great capacity for gripping, so it is suitable for use in physical training and gymnasiums.

The 4 and 5 m/m gauges are manufactured in 3 ply and the rolls are 200 metres long.

The sizes 6 and 8 m/m in rolls of 200 metres, 10 m/m and upwards of 100 metres.

This rope is available in 30 m/m special climbing rope.

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