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  • Bicolour polypropylene tapes

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  • Cotton herringbone tape

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  • Plyester tapes

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  • Polyester tape with PVC

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  • Polyester webbing, safety belt type

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  • Polypropylene tape

  • Polypropylene tape black

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  • Roller blind tape

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* At Cuerdas Valero we want to offer our customers variety, so in this section you will find different types of webbing in various materials for a multitude of uses.
– Polypropylene webbing, a soft and resistant material that is easy to clean, especially for making handles for backpacks or sports bags, animal leashes, big-bags or whatever you have in mind.
Within this range we will also see the blind tapes where you will find a multitude of usual widths and colours for all types of systems that are used today in our homes, whether they are roller shutters for doors and windows or compact and monoblock.
– Polyester tapes, a polymer that is well known for being a material that is highly resistant to friction and traction, humidity and chemical products. This is why it is widely used in general industry for load securing and lifting systems, submersible pumps and safety belts, the latter being thermo-fixed at high temperatures to achieve a softer and more flexible finish.
– Cotton webbing, a very soft and environmentally friendly natural textile fibre that is the most widely used and produced in the world. Ribbons made in the form of herringbone to give an elegant touch to all kinds of handles, bags and belts of all kinds such as those used in yoga for stretching and postural corrections.