Jipi cord 3 m/m

Jipi cord 3 m/m

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Braided cord with polyester core and outer jacket, in various colours with striking contrasting badges, also in fluorescent colours.

Suitable for handicrafts, key rings, bracelets, pendants, octopus fishing, crabbing, sports (mountaineering cord but for auxiliary uses, never as main belay rope) as they allow all kinds of knots.

Available in spools of 100 m. in a diameter of 3 m/m. Consult colours.

Bicolor Purple
Black Green
Black Orange
Black Pink
Black Rose
Blue yellow
Green Black
Green red
Orange Black
Orange blue
Purple pink
Purple white
Rainbow Black
Rainbow White
Red Navy
Red Yellow
Sailor Spain
Smooth Black
Smooth Blue
Smooth Green
Smooth Orange
Smooth Pink
Smooth Purple
Smooth Red
Smooth Yellow
White Spain
Yellow Black
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Bicolor Purple, Black Green, Black Orange, Black Pink, Black Rose, Blue yellow, Green Black, Green red, Orange Black, Orange blue, Purple pink, Purple white, Rainbow Black, Rainbow White, Red Navy, Red Yellow, Sailor, Sailor Spain, Smooth Black, Smooth Blue, Smooth Green, Smooth Orange, Smooth Pink, Smooth Purple, Smooth Red, Smooth Yellow, Turquoise, White Spain, Yellow Black


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